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About and GPI Consulting are trailblazers in the residential green-building community. A youthful forward-thinking team that includes an award winning architect, a flourishing civil and environmental engineer, and a proven successful entrepreneur has put together a company that provides its clients affordable green building options.

Here at the website, we have an online database of originally designed "green" blueprints for consumers and home builders who are interested in constructing a home that is built with efficient use of materials, energy, and the surrounding habitat. Homeowners that choose to build a home designed by can live in their beautiful home with peace of mind knowing that they have helped to sustain the natural world that we live in, and the satisfaction of knowing that they've lowered their future costs in the ever-rising energy market.

GPI Consulting will work hand in hand with your builder, or even find you a local builder through our green network, to ensure that your home will be built to our green standards and to those set by the United States Green Building Council and their LEED for Homes certification program. When building a green home there are many procedures that must be followed to ensure certification. By working with us at GPI Consulting, we will provide builders with the plans and knowledge to build a LEED certified home.

GPI Consulting also offers current homeowners the opportunity to go green. We will help current homeowners with green conversions and green additions. If you already have a set of plans for your dream home, we can modify those plans so that you can have your dream home in green.

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Build Green. Save Green.


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