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Our Services - Blueprints in "green" - we've taken the planning out of the building green equation. With our plans, you will have the information, resource list, and a home designed to help meet the specifications of the LEED for Homes certification process. Here you can search for and order plans for your green home. We ship traditional blueprints, and can send you the entire drawing on a CD for you to take to your architect or builder.

If none of our current models fit your style, you can get in touch with us and we'll work directly with you to design your custom green home.

GPI Consulting

Future Homeowners - GPI Consulting will work directly with your builder on-site to ensure your home gets built correctly. If you can't find a builder who will build your green home, don't worry, we have a network of green builders at our disposal, and we will find one in your area for you to work with.

Builders / Contractors - Never built a green home? GPI Consulting can be hired to help your foreman learn the new tricks of the trade. Ask us about our catalogue/consulting package deal, and we'll help get you and your crew ready for the future.

Existing Home Owners - We can work with you to help make modifications to your existing home to make it green. The process is called "regreening" and it can save you a lot of green down the road. If it's time for new carpet, windows, roofing, or plumbing, then it's time to give us a call, and we'll give you the direction you'll need. If you are building an addition and you want it to be green, GPI Consulting can help with that as well.

For any inquiry of the above services, please contact us directly through our contact form.

Build Green. Save Green.


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